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A few words about Kavala:


Kavala (ΚΑΒΑΛΑ in Greek), (2001 pop. 63,774), is a city in northern Greece, the principal seaport of eastern Macedonia and the capital of Kavala prefecture. It is prettily situated on the Bay of Kavala, across from the island of Thasos.


It was originally founded by settlers from Paros in about the 6th century BC, who called it Neapolis ("new city"). Gold mines in the Pangaion hills nearby made it prosperous. It became a Roman civitas in 168 BC, and was a base for Brutus and Cassius in 42 BC, before their defeat in the Battle of Philippi. The Apostle Paul landed at Kavala on his first voyage to Europe, and in Byzantine times the city was renamed Christoupolis.

Kavala was part of the Ottoman Empire from 1371 to 1912. Mehmet Ali was born here in 1769. Some of its most recognisable landmarks is a Venecian castle, in the hill of Panagia, and an aquaduct built by Suleiman I during his reign. The later serves still today as a city logo.

Theodoros Zagorakis, the captain of the Greece national football team that stunned the football world by winning EURO 2004, is a native of Kavala.


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