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A few words about Lagonissi:


Lagonissi (ΛΑΓΟΝΗΣΙ in Greek) is a settlement in the southern part of Kalyvia Thorikou by the Saronic Gulf in the Greek prefecture of Attica. Lagonissi is linked with a 4-lane highway (GR-89 linking Athens and Sounio. The small road linking to the airport lies north. Lagonissi is located approximately 30 km SE of Athens, S of the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and the Attiki Odos (numbers 6 and 62), 35 km NW of Cape Sounio and south of the Hymettus Ring. Lagonissi are a mixture of luxury and small or mid-density homes. Beaches as well as several hotels and facilities lies within the Saronic and restaurants also covers the shoreline.


The mountains dominates the northern partparts of the municipality, the valley consisting of farmlands and luxury homes covers the rest of the municipality. Businesses and tourism are the most popular industry in Lagonissi after shifting from rural in the 1960s and the 1970s and agriculture was then the main industry of Lagonissi and also farmlands cover much of Lagonisi. Later, Lagonissi became part of the Athens Metropolitan Area. Suburban housing arrived in the 1970s and the 1990s and rarely continues to this day. A part of the population are still rural. In the 1970s, teh highway added two additional lanes to GR-89 (Athens - Sounio Road).

The rainfalls of November 24, 2005 ravaged the low-lying and valley areas ruining properties, farmlands and homes and one of the driveways were flooded, a couple of trees were also down. Streets adn roads became lakes and automobiles were stranded. One of the homes devastated by the flood were on a former creek used to exist and a street replaced a creek before the zoning laws were signed, several boats were upturned or damaged by the Saronic.


Lagonissi has schools, a lyceum, a gymnasium, churches, and squares.


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