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A few words about Loutraki:


Loutraki (ΛΟΥΤΡΑΚΙ in Greek) is a seaside town located 4 km NE of Corinth in the Prefecture of Corinthia, Greece. It is largely a tourist town, but has renown in Greece as having vast reserves of natural springs. The name itself Loutraki derives from the Greek word for Spring. Within Greece, Loutraki is renown for its spring water, which is subsequently bottled and sold widely.

In 1847, after an announcement in Italy asserting therapeutic benefits of bathing in the natural thermal spas found in Loutraki, caused an influx of settlers in the surrounding areas, thereby creating modern day Loutraki.

The mountains dominate the north, northeast and further southeast. A monastery named Agios Patapios which is located about 10 km NW of Loutraki.

The town has schools, a few lyceums, a few gymnasia, churches, banks, a post office and squares. Its nearest train station is in the south.


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