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A few words about Tripolis:


Tripoli (Greek : ΤΡΙΠΟΛΗ), older form and Latin: Tripolis, rarely Tripolitsa, Tripolitza and Tripolizza is a city in the central part of the Peloponnesos, Greece, and the capital of the prefecture of Arcadia and the province of Mantineia which is the most populated province in Arcadia. The municipality is the largest city in the prefecture as well and presently one of the only growing places in Arcadia. The distance from Pyrgos is about 145 km E, 125 km E of Olympia, 144 km SE of Patras and ESE of Kalavryta, 78 km (old: 120 km) SW of Corinth and about 148 (old: 200 km) WSW of Athens, W of Argos and Nafplio, NW of Leonidi, N of Sparta, NNE of Kalamata, 33 km NE of Megalopoli and NE of Kyparissia, E of Stemnitsa and ESE of Dimitsana. In the Middle Ages, the place was known as Drobolitsa. Today Tripoli is the seat of the recently founded University of Peloponnesos[1] with two departments of the Sciences and Technology School and one department of the Economics and Administration School.


Agios Vasileios
Agios Vasileios
Evandro (pop: 40)
Sanatorio Makris
Epano Chrepa Monastery

Historical population

The city was created by merging three parts, which is the origin of its name (from Greek τρεις πόλεις, meaning the three cities. Its main plazas are aligned with the main street and with a highway linking to Pyrgos and Patras. One of them is named Kennedy, the other is named Georgiou B' (George II). The southern part has its main street named Washington. The main section of the city is enclosed around the castle walls that were built during the Ottoman occupation of Greece.

The city is surrounded by pine trees in the south and west, mount Mainalo (Maenalus) in the west while another mountain is 5 km E and fertile lands elsewhere. The closest mountain ridge of Mainalo is only about 1 km west.Wetlands used to dominate much of the area in the northeast. The industrial area is founded in the eastern part, formerly 100 m of the southern terminus of the superhighway, it is now near an interchange? where factories are founded.

Tripoli is home to the two largest Armed Forces bootcamp centers of Greece, one for the Hellenic Army and one for the Hellenic Air Force

251 Army Training Battalion (Greek)
124 Basic Training Wing (Greek)


Tripoli is mainly accessed from Athens and the rest of Greece through the Corinth-Tripoli-Kalamata motorway, which is part of the E65. The motorway bypasses Tripoli from the east and will continue to Kalamata, after construction ends in that part (see List of Greek roads). An alternative route is the GR-7 which used to be the main highway of Tripoli before the construction of the motorway. The city is also accessed by GR-74 and GR-76 from Pyrgos and by GR-39 / E961 from Sparta.


In 1829, members of the Greek scientific community were attended in Tripoli after its liberation.


Kostas Karyotakis (October 30, 1896 July 20, 1928 in Preveza)
Semni Karusou (about 1900 - December 8, 1994),a Greek archaeologist
Yiannis Kouros (1956 - ), ultramarathoner


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